Streams Wizard

Our Streams product supports users to create new video streams with our UI wizard or via the API.
Here is how to get started:

Step 1: Navigate to Streams page


Step 2: Create Streams button

If there are no Streams created yet you will find a prominent button in the middle which will lead you to our UI wizard or use the "+ Create Streams" button in the banner on top to get to the wizard.


Step 3: Upload your video

Drag&Drop your video file or select the "Choose a file" button to open your file explorer to upload your video content. If you just want to test out our product, we provide some default choices on the right to be selected to continue the process.



Size limitation of 5GB

The upload supports file sizes up to 5GB only. If you are trying to upload files that are >5GB please use the HTTP or input storage method to upload your content.

After clicking "Next Step" we will trigger an Encoding and transcode your content in the highest possible quality and upload the output on our Bitmovin CDN. You will see a loading screen until the job is done and then be forwarded to Step 4.


Step 4: Embed your code

We auto-generate the player code for you and provide you with a web component which can be easily integrated into your page.

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