Streams prerequisites update for existing users

With the launch of our new product, Streams, new users will be able to have a flawless experience embedding videos with our new solution. However, if you are an existing user, we will need to make a few small changes to your existing Analytics and Player licenses so that you can have the full Streams experience and embed Bitmovin Player anywhere on the web.

To be able to embed streams anywhere without having to take any extra steps, we would allow you to list all domains to embed Bitmovin Player and Analytics.

When you press Next, we will:

  • Enable third-party licensing (link) for your player license .
  • Allow-List the wildcard * for the Analytics license .

If you don't want to make these changes, you can continue to use streams normally, but you'll need to manually edit the domain permission lists for each site you want to embed a stream in.