## 1.56.0

Released 2018-10-01


  • Added flag to ignore duration trimming for input files shorter than the specified duration

  • Added support for timecode trimming for MXF files

  • Improve error message reporting when an internal encoding error occurs

  • Cut segments for HLS manifests and insert custom tags

  • Added Audio Leveling support


  • Fixed an issue with bitrate conformance when using HLSv3 and AES128 encryption

  • Fixed handling of per title encodings with PAR other than 1:1

  • Fixed a bug where encoding from MXF source failed

## 1.55.3

Released 2018-09-17


  • Restart of running live encodings

  • Burnt-In Time Code (BITC), taken from the SEI of the source file for every frame


  • Improved handling with large input files

  • Improved playback on Roku and Tizen devices

  • Fixed a bug where the encoding failed with the resync at start feature

  • Fixed playback issue in chrome when adding custom timecode to MP4 muxing

  • Improved handling of watermark image download

  • Improved feedback for unsupported input file types

  • Improved handling of legacy S3 buckets

  • Improved support of MXF input files

  • Improved handling of download from Azure storage with special characters

  • Fixed handling of interlaced source files packaged in MP4 containers

## 1.54.0

Released 2018-09-03


  • Create multi-period DASH manifests with an on-demand profile

  • Create multi-period DASH manifests with keyframes

  • Improved handling of input paths that contain URL encoded characters


  • Fixed an issue where the framerate might be doubled when the deinterlace filter is used

  • Issue fixed where an audio that is encoded with a sample rate below the input sample rate caused an error

  • Fixed an issue where the passthrough of 608 captions may not work as expected

**Known Issues**

  • Encoding job might fail for 4k high bitrate files

## 1.53.0

Released 2018-08-19


  • Added support for `HEVC` with `FairPlay DRM`

  • Allow usage of `pre-warmed` instances

  • Added `unsharp`, `interlace` and `scaling` filter

  • Add `multiple audio groups` to an `HLS` stream to be used together with `stream conditions`

  • Introduced new `audio video sync mode` that is useful if the source file was cut out of already encoded content.


  • Fixed an issue where `HTTP Basic authentication` was not working for some endpoints

  • Fixed a bug where audio in `MP4` files could not be decoded when multiple input files have been used

  • Fixed an issue where `HLSv3` in combination with `AES-128` encryption failed for a few input files

## 1.52.1

Released 2018-07-30


  • Support for multiple input files (e.g., one video file and multiple audio files)

  • Support `S3 storage` with `role-based authentication` for `progressive muxings` types


  • Fixed an issue where `HTTP basic authentication` might not work for some hosts

  • Improved status messages when creating `Broadcast TS muxings`

## 1.51.0

Released 2018-07-16


  • Support for `Per-Title` encoding with `2pass` and `3pass` encoding

  • Added option to remove all position information when converting `SCC` to `WebVtt`

  • Added success/error message when creating `preview manifests`

  • Added timecode support for `MP4 muxing`

  • Added `audio language metadata` to `progressive muxings`


  • Fixed a bug where `variable input fps` handling might not work as expected

  • Fixed a bug where valid video files may be recognized incorrectly as `input file format not supported`

## 1.50.0

Released 2018-07-03


  • Support for `AV1`

  • Support for `Per-Title Encoding`

  • Support for `S3 V4` signature buckets

  • Added `numberOfFrames` and `aspectRatio` to `muxing information`


  • Fixed a bug where `watermark filters` could not be applied for certain configurations

**Known Issues**

  • `Per-Title` does not work yet with `2pass` and `3pass` encoding

## 1.49.0

Released 2018-06-25


  • Support for `two-pass` and `three-pass` encoding

  • Support for `SCC` to `WebVtt` conversion

  • Support for `SCC` to `608/708` conversion


  • Improved transcoding resilience

  • Fixed an issue where manifest creation fails when `HEVC`, `TS`, and `HLS` is used

  • Fixed an issue where the `FPS` from a live stream might be detected incorrectly

## 1.48.0

Released 2018-06-18


  • `608/708 Passthrough` support

  • `DASH On Demand` Profile

  • New Fonts for `Text Filter`

  • Multi-Channel Audio


  • Fixed a bug where the encoding fails when validating the output if `VP8` and `H264` are encoded at the same time

  • Fixed a bug where the analysis of an input file might fail

## 1.47.3

Released 2018-05-29


  • Added `MP3 muxing`

  • Added `Enhanced Watermark Filter`

  • Added SBR signaling to `HE-AAC` codec

  • Added `dynamic font size` for `text filter`

  • Added custom port for SSH when using `AWS connect`

  • Added property to create multiple files for `sprites`


  • Improved download speed from `S3 Inputs`


  • Fixed an issue that might cause wrong audio duration for `Broadcast TS Muxing`

  • Fixed an error where the download step might stall

## 1.46.1

Released 2018-05-15


  • Added `Broadcast TS` Muxing


  • Fixed an error where watermark download fails for certain `HTTP` storages

  • Fixed an audio sync issue that could occur when using `MXF` files and `XDCAM`

  • Fixed an issue that the encoding may fail when the video input codec is `qtrle`

## 1.45.0

Released 2018-05-06


  • Support for `HE-AACv1`

  • Up to 3x faster download of files from `S3 Inputs`


  • Fixed an issue where an encoding might fail when `audio stream conditions` are used

  • Live stream fails fast now if files cannot be written to the output storage

  • Fix for sub-second GOP length for progressive outputs.

  • Fixed a bug for timecode trimming which occurred for some files.

## 1.44.0

Released 2018-04-22


  • Added `muxing information` for MOV muxings

  • Set `DTS offset` for `TS muxings`

## 1.43.3

Released 2018-03-29


  • Support for new AWS regions: `US_EAST_2`, `CA_CENTRAL_1`, `EU_WEST_2`, `EU_WEST_3`

## 1.42.0

Released 2018-03-29


  • Create `preview manifest` of running VoD encodings

  • Improved validation to check if watermark file is downloadable

## 1.41.0

Released 2018-03-25


  • Added new `stream condition` to check for the `duration` of the input file

  • Improved error message when all streams are removed due to `stream conditions`

  • Added port to `HTTP` and `HTTPS` input


  • Fixed a bug where thumbnails created at 100 percents may fail

## 1.40.0

Released 2018-03-15


  • Added `Text` Filter and `Burn In Timecode` Filter

  • Added unit \`percents for specifying sprite distance

  • Improved error messages for invalid input file types


  • Fixed a bug that might cause an error for specific input files when checking for the `fps` in the `stream conditions`

## 1.39.0

Released 2018-03-05


  • Added support for `S3 v2` Signature for input

  • Added `stream condition` for `total stream count`, `video stream count` and `audio stream count`


  • Fixed a bug where muxing to `Progressive TS` with video only may fail

## 1.38.0

Released 2018-03-01


  • Custom `sample aspect ratio` can now be applied

  • Improved scheduling of `on-premise` encodings to increase speed and cluster utilization


  • Fixed an issue where frames might get dropped if the input file is `Open GOP`

  • Fixed a bug where `thumbnails` might not be transferred to `akamai` endpoints

  • Fixed a bug which caused encodings with `VP9` input files to fail

## 1.37.0

Released 2018-02-19


  • Improved speed for `VP8` encoding


  • Fixed an issue where frames might get dropped if the input file is `Open GOP`

  • Fixed an issue where output duration might be wrong for `MP4` muxings

  • Fixed an issue where output duration of manifest might not match the duration of the video stream for `HLSv3` muxings

## 1.36.0

Released 2018-02-11


  • Increased speeds for progressive muxings


  • Improved stability for H264 encodings

  • Improved acquiring of instances to speed up cluster creation

## 1.35.0

Released 2018-01-25


  • Stream conditions can now be configured to only remove the steam instead of the whole muxing if it evaluates to false

  • Added option to provide input color space and range

  • Added support for `aspera token authentication`


  • Fixed an issue where thumbnail creation fails with some MXF files

## 1.34.0

Released 2018-01-14


  • Add `relative position` support for `crop filter`

  • Add `MD5 Hash Header` for progressive outputs written to S3


  • Bugfix for an internal race condition occurring with some H264 input files which caused the encoding to fail

  • Enhanced open GOP detection to avoid frame glitches and audio/video sync issues

## 1.33.1

Released 2018-01-04


  • Added `Denoise Hqdn3d` filter

  • `Fixed frame rate` for `progressive MP4` and `progressive TS`


  • Bugfix for `on-premise` where the worker nodes have not registered on the master node in certain conditions

## 1.32.0

Released 2017-12-27


  • Added `progressive MOV` muxing

## 1.31.0

Released 2017-12-18


  • Introduced `pre-warmed` pods for `on-premise` encoding to reduce enqueue time

  • Transfer checks can be disabled


  • Fixed a bug where the encoding fails when `outputPath` was not set

## 1.30.0

Released 2017-12-11


  • Default settings for ACL were different for segmented and progressive output

## 1.29.0

Released 2017-11-29


  • Added `Keyframe Archive`

## 1.28.1

Released 2017-11-23


  • Added `scenecut threshold` option for `H264` and `H265` codec configurations


  • Encoding failed with an MXF input and an output audio sample rate of 44.1kHz

  • Segment size was ignored for TS muxings

## 1.27.0

Released 2017-11-15


  • Added new video codec: `VP8`

  • Added new audio codecs: `AC3`, `E-AC3`, `MP2`, `MP3`, `Opus`, `Vorbis`

  • Added `progressive WebM` muxing

## 1.26.3

Released 2017-11-07


  • Added API endpoint to get muxing information for `progressive TS` and `progressive MP4`


  • Encoding failed with certain MXF files due to an invalid handling

  • Improved acquiring of `Microsoft Azure Cloud` instances

## 1.25.3

Released 2017-10-23


  • Encodings can now run on Azure cloud

  • Added audio stream conditions for: `Bitrate`, `Language`, `Channel Format`, `Channel Layout`


  • Channel Format for stream conditions has been changed to a Long value

  • Encoding failed when using audio merge in common with MXF input