Client-Side Advertisements is a powerful new feature in Streams that allows you to seamlessly integrate advertisements into your video content on the web. With this feature, you can dynamically insert ads at specific points during video playback, enhancing monetization opportunities and providing a more engaging viewing experience for your audience.


Advertisement tags

To integrate advertisements into your video content using Bitmovin Streams, you need to obtain ad tag URLs from your preferred ad server, ad network, or ad exchange. Ad tag URLs provide the necessary information to fetch and display ads during video playback.

Create your first advertisement configuration

In oder to create your first ads config, just follow these 5 steps as marked on the image above:

  1. Navigate to the Ads tab in the Stream detail view
  2. Create one or more advertisements by clicking the Create New button
  3. Configure each advertisement with the desired type, position and url. (See section below for more info)
  4. Preview the ad configuration by clicking the Preview button.
  5. Once everything is configured, save the configuration and update your Steam by clicking the Save configuration button.

Ad configuration properties


The advertisement configuration supports VAST, VMAP, and VPAID advertisement tags. Chose the right ad tag type based on the instructions from your ad provider.


Controls the position where the advertisement should be inserted. Currently three options are available:

  • Pre-Roll: Advertisement is played back before the Stream starts
  • Mid-Roll: Advertisement is played back in the middle of the Stream
  • Post-roll: Advertisement is played back after the Stream ends.

Ad Tag URL

URL that points to the advertisement tag file of your ad provider.