Content Protection

Streams content protection feature lets you control how you content is accessed. With this feature, you can allow a list of domains on which your content can be played. When this feature is enabled, your content will no longer be playable on non-specified domains.

To start protecting your content, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to your Stream's details page and select the Content Protection tab
  2. Enable Content Protection
  3. Provide the domains on which you want to allow showing content. You can provided multiple domains separated by comma. e.g.,,
  4. Click Add to add the domain(s) specified in step 3
  5. Check allow sharing, if you want to enable sharing via embed URL.
  6. Check allow no referrer if you want to allow your content to be played in non-browser players such as mobile devices.
  7. Click save to save your changes.

Once content protection is enabled on your Stream, you'll see a lock icon appearing before the title.