Invite users

Inviting users is an essential part to collaborate with other team members or invite members from different departments to provide access to relevant data or exchanging artifacts.

In the Bitmovin dashboard, you will find the user invite functionality by following this link or navigating manually to "Organization Settings"->"Team".

There we offer the following functionality:

  • View invited users
  • Add new users without an account
  • Invite users with a Bitmovin account but in another organization
  • Remove users from your organization
  • Edit user's permission by assigning or removing groups

If you are interested in how to manage groups and permission then check out the next page, otherwise follow the next steps to learn how to add users and manage their permissions

Invite new users

You can invite users to your organization by adding one or more emails by using commas for separation. After adding the email, you can assign groups that define what permission they should have and click "Save".
If the user's email is not associated with an existing Bitmovin account you will be shown the option to invite them to create a new account (bottom right). Click the "Invite Users" to proceed with the process.


The non-Bitmovin users will get the following email from us to register on our dashboard to define a password and the necessary user information we need.


After that you should be able to see the invited users in your list and also edit their group membership or remove the account altogether.