Streams iFrame embed

The easiest way to embed a Stream into your website is by using the iframe embed code. This iframe embed code is an HTML snippet that can be placed into any HTML website and automatically sets up the Bitmovin video player with the provided Streams ID.

This embed code is generated for each Stream and is in the following format: (Replace {STREAM_ID} with your Streams ID)

<iframe allow="fullscreen" src="{STREAM_ID}/embed"></iframe>

You can find your Stream's iframe embed code in the Share & Embed section that is available after a Stream has been created. Select Embed Stream (1) and change the format dropdown to iFrame (2). Copy the code shown in the panel (3) and paste it into your website.



The /embed endpoint is only intended to be used in an iframe. If you need to access the content directly, please use the /share endpoint.