Measure your Streams performance


If you're interested in gaining insights into your Stream's performance and collecting data to answer questions such as:

  • How many times did users load the player?
  • How many times was the video played?
  • How many users viewed my content?
  • and many more
    then you should visit our Performance tab inside the Stream detail page.

Here an example picture how your performance tab could look like:


Learn more about your users and your business


Continuous updates

We are continuously updating our dashboard and working hard to provide you with even more metrics to get more insights. This section will show only a small portion of our Analytics capabilities.
If you would like to explore the full power of our Analytics product [view these documents] (

View data for a specific Stream

Each stream provides pre-filtered data on the above questions on the "Performance" page.
Navigate to Streams -> select a stream -> click the Performance tab and view your metrics.
In these metrics, we are already filtering the data for that specific stream and displaying it in a central area.
Here is an example of our "Total Page Loads" metric:


If you want to dig deeper into the data, click the "Go to metric page" button located at the top right of each metric chart. This will redirect you to our Analytics product, which will be able to show you even more detailed data and also more high-level data across multiple Streams.

Full Analytics data

All the data we are collecting for Streams are also stored in our Analytics product as well. With a valid Stream subscription, you are also entitled to access our Analytics product and make use of the full functionality to understand your data even better.


In the above image, you can see that by clicking on the "Go to metric page" inside the Stream Performance tab I will be redirected to the Analytics metrics dashboard. Here I can apply filters to view data over a longer time period and across multiple Sterams.
Our Analytics product provides filter possibilities to breakdown your data in more detail to analyze plays by various properties displayed on the image above e.g. Browser, Country, Domain, CDN Provider, Device Classes and many more.