This page lists the integrations available for Bitmovin Player, including those supported by Bitmovin and 3rd parties. Integrations include advertising, DRM, playback and measurement tools.

## Bitmovin Supported

Integration NameSDK Availability
Bitmovin Analytics[Web](🔗), [iOS](🔗), [Android](🔗), [Roku](🔗)
Adobe Analytics[Web](🔗), [iOS](🔗), [Android](🔗)
Comscore[Web](🔗), [iOS](🔗), [Android](🔗), [Roku](🔗)
Conviva[Web](🔗), [iOS](🔗), [Android](🔗), [Roku](🔗)
Yospace[Web](🔗), [iOS](🔗), [Android](🔗), [Roku](🔗)
Verimatrix VCAS (with native DRM)Web, iOS, Android, Roku
Google IMA SDK[Web](🔗), iOS, Android, Roku
Google IMA DAI SDKWeb, Roku
OpenMeasurement SDK[Web](🔗), [iOS](🔗), [Android](🔗)
Teleport P2P[Web](🔗)
Streamroot P2P[Web](🔗)

### 3rd Party Owned

  • Mux Analytics

  • [Youbora Analytics](🔗)

  • MediaMelon

  • Pallycon CSL

  • Datazoom