:information-source: In the current version of our React Native SDK, only **FairPlay** is supported on iOS and tvOS, and only **Widevine** is supported on the Android platform. More DRM systems will be added in the future.

Playing of protected assets can be enabled with the following configuration on `SourceConfig.drmConfig`:

## Prepare hooks

Some DRM properties like `message` and `license` can have their value transformed before use in order to enable some more complex use cases, e.g. extracting the license from a JSON.

In order to handle such transformations, it is possible to hook methods of `SourceConfig.drmConfig` to proxy DRM values and potentially alter them:

The `[FairplayConfig](FairplayConfig)` interface provides a number of hooks that can be used to fetch and transform different DRM-related data. Refer to the documentation for a complete list and detailed information on them.

Also, don't forget to check out our complete [example app](🔗) for a complete iOS/Android [DRM example](🔗).