More on ABR <>

  • [Bitmovin Player Web SDK](🔗)

    • VoD and live: Bitmovin proprietary and patented ABR logic version `v1` and proprietary versions `v2` and `v3`<sup>1</sup>

    • DASH Low latency live: proprietary and patented ABR logic<sup>1</sup>

    • VoD and live: [WISH ABR](🔗) logic developed by the [ATHENA](🔗) and Bitmovin research collaboration<sup>1</sup>

  • Bitmovin iOS/tvOS SDKs are using Apple's native ABR logic

  • Bitmovin Android/Android TV SDK provides a refined ExoPlayer/Media3 ABR logic with customization options

  • Bitmovin Roku SDK is using Roku's native ABR logic



  • <sup>1</sup>On non-Apple devices