## Overview

Nearly every license provider requires a few special pieces of information to be sent to the DRM license server or responds with a proprietary format. Instead of integrating a few license providers into the core of our player, we decided to provide necessary configuration options via the player configuration.

## Widevine

## PlayReady

## FairPlay

## Complete example for Widevine, PlayReady and FairPlay

Please replace the following placeholders in the code:

  • **HLS_MANIFEST_URL**: The URL to the HLS manifest (M3U8) file.

  • **DASH_MANIFEST_URL**: The URL to the DASH manifest (mpd) file.

  • **CONAX_LICENSE_SERVER_URL**: The URL to your DRM License Server for the respective DRM Solution.

  • **CERTIFICATE-URL**: The URL to the Fairplay certificate. This needs to be accessible for the player.

  • **TOKEN**: The provided by Conax

  • **DEVICE_ID**: The device ID provided by Conax