## Overview

Regular tests are automatically executed every week to evaluate a stream over an extended period and ensure its functionality in the desired test environments. To utilize this feature, it is necessary to ensure that the stream remains available 24/7. Although the execution date is typically set for Saturdays, it may vary under certain circumstances. Each week you will receive a test report by email with the results for your test environments.

**It is important to note that these executions will not impact the credits for manual test executions available in your account.**

## Enabling regular tests

You can enable regular tests for a test environment in two ways: either by selecting the option _Automatic regular tests_ during the stream creation process or by toggling the setting in the streams list.

## Limit

A player subscription allows each account/organization to enable up to 10 test environments for regular testing. If you require an increase in this limit, please [contact our support team](🔗).