The iOS Analytics Collector introduced breaking changes with the major version release 3.0.0. This guide explains the reasons behind the breaking changes and how to easily migrate to the new Collector API.

# Bitmovin Player

## **Step 1** `BitmovinAnalytics` is now a direct dependency of `BitmovinPlayer`

### SPM setup: Replace dependencies

With version `3.42.0` of our Bitmovin Player, Analytics is included out of the box. No need for a separate deployment anymore! :star2:

  • Navigate to Project Settings > Package Dependencies

  • Make sure you have removed the `BitmovinAnalytics`/`bitmovin-analytics-collector-ios` package

  • Ensure you have added at least `BitmovinPlayer` version `3.42.0`

Once this is done you should see `BitmovinAnalytics` appear again in the Package Dependency side bar

### `cocoapod` Setup: Update imports

If you're using Cocoapods to manage your dependencies, follow these steps.

  • Open your Podfile

  • Remove the import of `BitmovinAnalyticsCollector`

  • Make sure you use at least `BitmovinPlayer` version `3.42.0` (`pod 'BitmovinPlayer', '3.42.0'`)

## **Step 2** Remove the creation of the collector

There's no need to create a collector instance anymore. This is all handled by the player.

For more information on how to configure our collector, you check out our [configuration guide](🔗)

### Add `SourceMetadata` to `Source` (Optional)

As some of the video metadata has been removed from the config, instead you need to provide this information via the player `Source`.

You can find more information about the new Player Analytics API [here](🔗)

# Third Party Players

## **Step 1:** Change SPM package names

What if I'm using Cocoapods to import BitmovinAnalyticsCollector?

There were no package name changes. Your setup should be fine and doesn't need further adaptations.

Just update the version to `3.0.0` and run `pod install` in your project.

In order to be more consistent with package names, we decided to rename our libraries. This change affects your package setup in `Package.swift`, but also your Swift files which import the collector.

### Manually **replace** the packages names in `Package.swift`

If you use a `Package.swift` file to resolve dependencies in your app, navigate to this file and replace the package names with the new names. See the package name mapping in the [appendix](🔗)

For example, the target in your `Package.swift` file could look like this:

### Use Xcode to Resolve Package Conflict

If you use Xcode to update the BitmovinAnalyticsCollector dependency to version 3.0.0, you will see an error. For example, when using the BitmovinPlayer, you will see: `Missing package product 'BitmovinPlayerCollector'.`

This happens because we changed the name of the package, and your previously imported package is not available anymore.

  • Navigate to Project > Package Dependencies

  • Remove the Package `BitmovinAnalytics` and add the package `bitmovin-analytics-collector-ios` again

  • It will ask you which package products you want to use. Select the one that fits your player setup

## **Step 2:** Replace Imports

Because we changed the names of our products, your import statements need to be changed

  • Search your project for occurrences of old product names. See appendix

  • Replace all with new product names

## **Step 3:** Change Collector Setup

### Replace `BitmovinAnalyticsConfig` with `AnalyticsConfig`

The new configuration class only contains behavioural settings of the collector.

### Add `DefaultMetadata` (Optional)

Some of the Metadata of the stream is now provided by `DefaultMetadata`

### Replace Old Constructor Call with New Factory Method Call

To use the new factory method, you first need to change the type of your collector variable. Instead of concrete classes, you use a protocol. The collector protocols end with `...CollectorApi`.

Then you can use the Factory like this

### Add `SourceMetadata` (Optional)

Some of the video-specific metadata is now provided by `SourceMetadata`

# Appendix: Mappings

## Config and Metadata



`SourceMetadata``SourceMetadata` (removed inline customData properties)


## Player Analytics API

The Player API provides a way to access the Analytics API.

  • [Player Analytics API](🔗)

  • [Source Analytics API](🔗)

Here is a quick mapping of methods.

`collector.setCustomData()`removed from the collector - access now via source with ``

## Third Party Package names


## AVPlayer collector




## Amazon IVS player collector