The open-source [Bitmovin Player Flutter SDK](🔗) allows you to integrate the Bitmovin Player into Flutter application projects with ease. Under the hood, the SDK builds on our native Android and iOS Player SDKs and offers many of the same great features.

**This project is under active development and in BETA**

## Getting Started

For a quick start with the Player Flutter SDK, please check out the [Getting Started guide](🔗), which walks you through integrating the Player into your Flutter project.

## Features

As the library is under active development, certain features from our native SDKs are not yet exposed through the Flutter SDK. The table below summarizes the current state of the major Player features.

FeatureAndroidiOS, iPadOS
Supported media formatsDASH, HLSHLS
Playback of DRM-protected media:white-check-mark: (Widevine):white-check-mark: (FairPlay)
Bitmovin Web UI:white-check-mark:
Subtitles & Captions:white-check-mark:
Bitmovin Analytics:white-check-mark:
Full-screen support:white-check-mark:
AirPlayNot applicable:white-check-mark:
Advertising:heavy-multiplication-x: Not available:heavy-multiplication-x: Not available
Picture-in-Picture:heavy-multiplication-x: Not available:heavy-multiplication-x: Not available
Offline Playback:heavy-multiplication-x: Not available:heavy-multiplication-x: Not available
Playlist API:heavy-multiplication-x: Not available:heavy-multiplication-x: Not available
Network API:heavy-multiplication-x: Not available:heavy-multiplication-x: Not available

### Not seeing the features you’re looking for?

We are accepting community pull requests to this open-source project so please feel free to [contribute](🔗), or let us know in our [community](🔗) what features we should work on next.

## Supported Platforms

The library currently supports the following platforms:

  • iOS, iPadOS

  • Android

For details on the supported versions of these platforms, please refer to the [Repository.](🔗)

Please note that TVs, browsers and other browser-like environments such as webOS and Tizen are not currently supported.