Our Player and its Bitmovin Player UI Framework, enable you to fully adjust their look&feel to your needs. Bitmovin Player version 7 and higher use CSS only to define their style, therefore its default rules can be easily overridden to achieve your own desired look&feel. That includes the watermark, which is shown in the upper right corner of the UI by default. This FAQ describes how you can

  • [Hide the watermark](🔗),

  • [Edit the URL of the watermark it points to when clicked](🔗),

  • [Use a custom image as watermark](🔗), and

  • [How you can hide it on Chromecast](🔗) too.

The following CSS classes used below are all described in our [Player UI CSS Class Reference](🔗).

## Hiding the Watermark

Hiding the logo is as easy as setting `display: none` on the CSS class `bmpui-ui-watermark`:

For Bitmovin Player version 6 and below, this is simply done by the screenLogoImage attribute within the skin section of the player configuration. A possible configuration might look like the following:

## Editing the Watermark Link URL

The watermark HTML element is a button with a [data attribute](🔗) called `url`. This determines where the link points to. It is therefore possible to use Javascript to change this link, and CSS to use a different image, or do both in javascript.

### Disabling the link

### Using a custom URL

## Using a custom image

The CSS attribute `backgroundImage` is used to provide the image for the logo. Simply override with your own URL to show your custom image instead, by defining a custom CSS rule:

Or, by using JavaScript:

## Hiding the Watermark on Chromecast

Please refer to our [tutorial](🔗).