## Requirements

  • In order to use the Teleport P2P solution, you need a [Teleport Account](🔗), and a verified domain of your streaming to get an API Key for its configuration.

  • Teleport.js is compatible with Bitmovin Player Web SDK v8.2 and higher.

## Installation

Include teleport.js strictly inside the <head> section before the video-player initialization.

## Configuration

For the configuration of the Bitmovin Player and Teleport.js you need

  • the **Bitmovin Player Key** of your Bitmovin Player License, which you can find in your [Bitmovin Dashboard](🔗), and

  • the **Teleport API Key** which you can obtain your [Teleport client area](🔗).

### Bitmovin Player

The basic configuration of the Bitmovin Player would look like the following. The empty network object is necessary for the following steps where the Bitmovin Network API is used to integrate with the Teleport.js API.

### Teleport.js

  1. Initialize Teleport by specifying `bitmovin` as the loader, and provide the reference to the 'playerConfig' network API as parameter.

  2. Once Teleport is initialized, get the API loader

  3. Overwrite the `sendHttpRequest` method of the [Bitmovin Network API](🔗) with the `sendHttpRequest` method of the API loader.

  4. Initialize the Bitmovin Player with its `playerConfig` and provide its instance to Teleport using the `setPlayer` method.

That's it, you are ready to load a player source and start with your P2P based content playback!

## Full example