The Bitmovin Player Android SDK and ExoPlayer cannot necessarily be used in the same app out of the box. The reason is that the Bitmovin Player Android SDK uses a modified version of ExoPlayer internally. This can lead to collisions in the different ExoPlayer version’s namespaces.

To enable the coexistence of both, the Bitmovin Player Android SDK is also available as a separate artifact that evades namespace collisions and is marked with the `+jason` suffix in the player version.

Add the `+jason` suffixed Bitmovin Player Android SDK as a dependency to your project as below instead of the regular Bitmovin Player Android SDK:

`implementation 'com.bitmovin.player:player:3.11.1+jason'`

### Limitation

The `+jason` release is intended to be used with the same ExoPlayer release version as the one bundled with the Bitmovin Player Android SDK. If the Bitmovin Player Android SDK uses the modified build of ExoPlayer in version `2.15.1`, the app should only use the standard ExoPlayer build with the same version - `2.15.1`.

Note that the modified ExoPlayer is not intended to be used directly and this can lead to unexpected behavior.

Using other versions of ExoPlayer may or may not work but is not officially supported. One of the errors that can happen if versions aren’t aligned is the following:

`AAPT: error: duplicate value for resource 'attr/show_buffering' with config ''.`