The Bitmovin Player Android SDK and Media3/ExoPlayer cannot necessarily be used in the same app out of the box. The reason is that the Bitmovin Player Android SDK uses a modified version of Media3-ExoPlayer internally. This can lead to collisions in the different Media3 version’s namespaces.

To enable the coexistence of both, the Bitmovin Player Android SDK is also available as a separate artifact that evades namespace and resource collisions and is marked with the `+jason` suffix in the player version.

Add the `+jason` suffixed Bitmovin Player Android SDK as a dependency to your project as below instead of the regular Bitmovin Player Android SDK:

`implementation 'com.bitmovin.player:player:3.51.0+jason'`

### Limitation

Bitmovin Player Android SDK versions before `3.51.0+jason` might show problems regarding duplicate resources in combination with Media3/Exoplayer.

Note that the modified Media3 (or previously ExoPlayer) modules are not intended to be used directly and this can lead to unexpected behavior.