In order to enable the player to support fullscreen and show the fullscreen button when using the Bitmovin Player Web UI, a `FullscreenHandler` needs to be implemented. Its responsibility is to update the UI when transitioning between fullscreen and non-fullscreen states. The player view itself does not update its presentation as the meaning of fullscreen is determined by the application integrating our library.

Here are the basics of enabling fullscreen support:

See [BasicFullscreenHandling.tsx](🔗) for a full example implementation.

## Supported fullscreen-related events

The supported fullscreen events on `PlayerView` are:

  • `onFullscreenEnter`

  • `onFullscreenExit`

  • `onFullscreenEnabled`

  • `onFullscreenDisabled`

Refer to [events.ts](🔗) for more details.