Since version v7.2.0 our player provides support for multiple sources of your content. This enables you to provide more sources of your content in our manifest or playlist, so the player has a fallback URL, in case your main content source, is no longer reachable. This works with MPEG-DASH as well as HLS and works out of the box, so it doesn't require any configuration of the player. 

**MPEG-DASH: Multiple Base URLs** MPEG-DASH allows you to define multiple `<BaseURL></BaseURL>` elements, which point to the root source of your content. By default, the player starts using the first BaseURL. In case the first one is no longer available, it automatically tries the second one, and so on. Although it is possible to provide the `<BaseURL></BaseURL>` on different layers, it is recommended to provide it on the `<MPD>` (see below) or `<Period>` level.

**HLS: Redundant variant streams** As described in the [HLS Authoring Specification for Apple Devices - "Delivery requirements"](🔗), stream failover for an rendition is supported, if an redundant variant stream with a different URI is available. A variant stream is considered to be redundant, if it has the exact same EXT-X-STREAM-INF tag as the original one. In case the first occurrence of the variant stream isn't available, the redundant variant stream will be used instead.