There are two essential parts to a correct analytics setup

  • Analytics license

  • Collector Setup

## Analytics licenses

Licenses in Bitmovin Analytics are used to clearly separate data. This could be a particular app or web platform you are running your videos on.

One of the most common use-cases for having multiple licenses is to separate development and production environments. Using different licenses for each environment ensures that testing data is separated from production data. Consequently, both data-sets will not interfere with each other.

Every account has a standard license activated by default. You can find this license and create more at [Analytics -> Licenses](🔗)

### Domains

In order to use Analytics on your websites or apps, you have to allowlist the package name/domain of your app for which you want to use it. This is a security mechanism that protects your license from being used elsewhere.

So, if you want to use it on your website at ``, you have to add its domain `` accordingly. Subdomains of your domains (e.g. ``) are allowed by default. For web environment `localhost` is also allowed by default

  1. Navigate to [Analytics -> Licenses](🔗)

  2. Select a License

  3. Scroll down to the Section "Domains / Package Names / Bundle Identifiers"

  4. Add your domain, bundle identifier or package names

## Collectors

The analytics collector listens to player events and based on that we send this information to our infrastructure. Based on the platform and player you are using there is a different How to set up guide

  • [Web](🔗)

  • [Android](🔗)

  • [iOS](🔗)

  • [Roku](🔗)

## Integrations

To allow for customised monitoring or visualising of the data collected with our Collectors, we offer two integrations. Below you can find the setup guides for each integration:

  • [Bitmovin Grafana Plugin](🔗)

  • [Google Data Studio](🔗)