Yes. Generating progressive outputs with the Bitmovin Encoding API is possible as well, and can simply be performed by using the according progressive MP4 / MOV / TS muxing type, instead of fMP4/TS muxings that are typically used for generating HLS or MPEG-DASH content. The main difference is, that instead of providing one stream to the muxing, you provide two - a video and a audio stream. You can add more than one as well.

_HINT: While creating MP4 outputs with multiple audio tracks with our service is possible as well, common web browsers don't support it to select a specific audio track, and therefore only play the first one available._

**Open API SDK for [Java example](🔗) to create progressive muxings:**

**createMp4Muxing() method:** ([Example](🔗))

**createProgressiveTsMuxing() method:** In order to create a progressive TS muxing all you need to do is to add these code snippets to the example from before as well.

See the [full version](🔗) for this and many other examples our [Public Github Example Repository](🔗) for each of our Open API SDK's.