Azure Buckets for Live Outputs


Bitmovin can not only run in Microsoft Azure, deploying the Live Encoder to a range of regions, but it can also output to a MS Azure bucket as an origin server for distribution directly or via a CDN.

Configuring Azure buckets

When using Azure buckets as an output for the Live Encoder you will need to configure them to grant the appropriate roles and access control policies.

Output Buckets

For more information on how to configure Azure buckets please see the documentation from Microsoft

Configuring Live Encoding Outputs

In the UI navigate to Live Encoding in the left side panel, and then select Outputs.


You will need to enter the Access key and Secret Key provided via the MS Azure console or your MS Azure system administrator.

Using the Live Output

The bucket will appear in the Outputs list, and in the Wizard under Microsoft Azure.

You can confirm the bucket is created in the API by using List Azure Outputs