Using Bitmovin Cloud Connect

Historically, Bitmovin has provided its API through a Managed Cloud installation. Each customer's Bitmovin instance can be hosted on the cloud provider of their choice with backups on the other cloud providers’ infrastructure for redundancy.

The major limitation to this setup is that your video data must be passed to Bitmovin's servers. This may be a problem if you have restrictive content agreements or have already negotiated favorable rates with a cloud hosting provider. Fortunately, Bitmovin Cloud Connect encoding now makes it possible to install Bitmovin's API directly on your infrastructure, so you can ensure that your private data never leaves your cloud data center.

Cloud Connect is currently available on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. For more information on use cases and benefits, please read our Blog post "Bring Your Own Cloud: Introduction to Bitmovin Cloud Connect Encoding".

Using Bitmovin Cloud Connect with cloud providers