Encoder 2.200.0 - 2.249.0

2.200.0 (BETA)

Released 2024-06-11


  • It is now supported to configure audio passthrough with AudioPassthroughConfiguration for AAC input streams into MP4Muxing and PCM input streams into ProgressiveMovMuxing.
  • Added support or Dolby-E in a single stereo stream as input.
  • Added new filter AzureSpeechToCaptionsFilter (for LIVE Encoder). This can be used to generate subtitles by transcribing an audio Stream by using Azure's Speech To Text Cognitive services.


  • Progressive text muxings, with audio only workflows, would not generate any subtitles. This has been fixed.
  • Timescale associated to subtitle representations in dash manifests (either just-in-time or post-encoding) would not always be consistent when multiple periods were configured. The timescale is now always set to 1000 and is consistent with the presentation time offset.
  • A bug where rate change could drop all frames in the last segment of the video processing was leading to stall and later to error. This has been fixed.

Known Issues

  • S3 role-based output for segmented muxings: No upload verification available.