Live Encoding with AWS Elemental MediaTailor

AWS Elemental Mediatailor is the SSAI service of AWS. To work with Bitmovin Live Encoding the following HlsManifestAdMarkerType should be enabled: EXT_X_CUE_OUT_IN. It also works with EXT_X_SPLICEPOINT_SCTE35and EXT_X_DATERANGE.


You will require your own AWS account and access to MediaTailor.

Ensure you're familiar with Live Encoding settings match the requirements in Live Encoding with HLS, SCTE-35 and SSAI

How to Setup

  1. Start a Bitmovin Live Encoder

    1. e.g.: use the full Java API code example from Live Encoding with HLS, SCTE-35 and SSAI

    2. use the Dashboard Wizard - in step 5, selecting HLS with TS muxing and selecting the compatible tags

  2. Start your Live ingest stream

    1. e.g.: Use the example method from the “Sample ingest with a demo file” from Live Encoding with HLS, SCTE-35 and SSAI
  3. Setup a MediaTailor configuration

    1. For the “Content source” section enter the output HLS manifest path (it’s important to just add the path to the playlist and not the full playlist URL!)

    2. For the “Ad decision server” enter the URL of your Ad server. (If you don’t have one you can use this simple VAST 3.0 XML file URL:

      1. You can follow this tutorial to setup your own simple VAST 3.0 XML file: Build your own VAST 3.0 response XML to test with AWS Elemental MediaTailor | Amazon Web Services
  4. Playback the AWS manifest URL

    1. Copy the “HLS playback prefix” and add the name of your manifest file (e.g. stream.m3u8)
    2. e.g.:
    3. Navigate to Bitmovin's Test Player » Try our HTML 5 Video Player Demo and test the stream. Ideally, you should see ads being played at the correct positions.
AWS MediaTailor - Example configuration

MediaTailor - Example configuration

AWS MediaTailor - Playback URL

MediaTailor - Playback URL