Do-Not-Track Handling in Analytics

What is Do-Not-Track?

Originally proposed in 2009 the Do-Not-Track Header is a way for Web Browsers to signal to the visiting server that the user would like to opt-out of being tracked by analytics tools.

Bitmovin Analytics handling of DNT Requests

By default Bitmovin Analytics will honor this user preference and ignore all incoming requests that have the DNT header set to 1.
According to our monitoring this currently applies to around 2.5-3% of sessions across our global customer base.

Client Side Setting

This setting is a client-side setting that can be found in most most modern browsers either in the Security section or the Cookies part of the settings.

A lot of developers seem to have this setting enabled and don't see any Analytics requests show up in the Analytics Dashboard during testing due to this setting being on. To see if the integration is working please consider turning off the Do-Not-Track header in the browser.

Overriding the DNT-Handling default behavior

We do provide customers with the option to override the Do-Not-Track preference expressed by the DNT-Header to track all users regardless of this header. To turn on the override simply visit your license settings and setting the "Ignore Do Not Track" to Yes