What is the length limit for fields?

Custom Data Fields

All Custom Data fields (customData1 to customData30) are limited to a maximum length of 160 characters.


URLs like mpdUrl m3u8Url progressiveUrl are limited to a maximum of 300 bytes but to avoid simply truncating the URL if the URL overflows 300 bytes the query parameters and URL fragments (?foo=bar and #anchor parts) will be cut away to bring the URL below the limit.

Error Messages and Error Data

Error messages (the field ERROR_MESSAGE) will be truncated to a maximum length of 250 bytes

Detailed error data (the field ERROR_DATA) is being truncated to a maximum length of 500 bytes.

To indicate that the error message was truncated an ellipsis will be appended (...)

Network Explorer and Error Detail

Network explorer stack trace data data is limited in length to a maximum of 50 lines of stack trace.