Changing the locale language for ads

If you serve Google ads via the Bitmovin Player to a non-English speaking audience, it is possible to change the locale of the ads so the UI elements within the ad (eg: Skip Ad button) will be displayed to your viewers in their own language, rather than in English.

Since version 8.14.0 of the Bitmovin web-player-sdk, you can directly access the IMA-SDK from Google via our player, which allows you to manipulate ads for this purpose.


const playerConfig = {
  key: '<KEY>',
  advertising: {
      adBreaks: [
          tag: {
            type: 'vast'
          id: 'Ad',
          position: 'pre'
    beforeInitialization : (IMAAdConfig) => {
        //example that changes the ad locale to French
        //eg: instead of "Skip Ad", the button will show "Ignorer l'annonce"

The above results in the following: