Handling sources through API

In Player Web X, when using one of our bundles, by default, we add SourcesApiPackage which exposes the sources api under the sources namespace on the player API.

By default, Player Web X is implemented to be able to handle multiple sources at once, being able to control, for example their load mode (load segments, manifests or nothing), which element they are using, and where they are rendered.

Each source will have its own playback/source api, which enables us to control each source individually. You can read more in detail about the Source API here.

Samples on how to use sources api can be found in following pages:

As mentioned above, the SourcesApiPackage is responsible for exposing the sources namespace, but additionally, it also extends the player.events namespace with additional events from sources.

The events exposed by sources api and their data can be found in our api documentation.