How can I export my full data set from Bitmovin Analytics?

There are several ways to get your data out of the Bitmovin system:

  • Through the Bitmovin API
  • Using the CSV export function for a specific metric in the dashboard

However, when we talk about full data exports in the context of Bitmovin Analytics we talk about exporting your entire data table for a given time-frame. Transparency is an important product principle we follow, and we want to make sure you have access to all the data we collect for you, through all available interfaces (API, dashboard, exports, integrations).

Full data exports can be pushed into the following cloud storage options (How? Follow the general tutorial)

These kind of exports are also the ones counting against the allotment of full data exports as described in your product bundle.
E.g. for base plans there are 10 monthly full data exports included. For information about export limitations for all other plans, please get in touch with support or contact sales.