How can I allowlist a domain, IP, app ID, package name, or bundle identifier?

In order to use the Bitmovin Player, you have to allowlist each domain, package name, bundle ID, or IP, where you want to use the player accordingly for your player license. This can be done in your dashboard at

If you are using the Web SDK: You can allowlist as many domains as you need. The domain localhost is included by default, to simplify your development workflows. Further, sub domains of allowlisted domains are implicitly allowlisted too. So, you only have to enter your main domain or top level domain you are using. If your website is available at enter this into the input field and click on "ADD" right next to it. Then, this domain as well as all its subdomains, e.g. or are implicitely allowlisted as well.

If you are using our Android SDK: Add the package name of the Android application, which is using the SDK, as an allowed domain. The package name is defined in the manifest file of the Android application.

If you are using the iOS SDK: Add the Bundle identifier of the iOS application, which is using the SDK, as an allowed domain to the Bitmovin licensing backend.

If you are using the Roku SDK: In order for the license key to validate properly, you must add dev.roku as a domain. This domain allows side loaded channels to run with this specific player license key. When a channel is published to the Roku channel store, the domain which needs to be added to the dashboard is CHANNEL_ID.roku, where CHANNEL_ID is the ID of the submitted channel in the Roku channel store.