Licenses in Bitmovin Analytics

What are Analytics licenses?

Licenses in Bitmovin Analytics are used to clearly separate data.

One of the most common use-cases for having multiple licenses is to separate development and production environments. Using different licenses for each environment ensures that testing data is separated from production data. Consequently, both data-sets will not interfere with each other.

Using Licenses to monitor different properties

It is always difficult to decide when to consider two video services as separate. However you select your service break-out, there are several “breaking” points from which it’ll make sense to separate the data for different websites or platforms. Whatever you decide, using multiple Analytics licenses will help you to clearly separate data, regardless of the underlying reasons.

However, data can be separated efficiently just by using a single license, e.g. using the domain or customData filters. This will help you maintain an aggregate view of all your data, as data that is separated through different licenses cannot be re-merged again

Working with licenses in the dashboard and API

You can simply switch licenses in the license drop-down on the top left of the Analytics dashboard. Within each license, you can also define and rename different customData fields, customUserId, Experiment field, and all other configurable data fields within Bitmovin Analytics. Using the API you will also send queries against a dedicated license.

Important: Data that is separated between different licenses cannot be merged again. Plus, there is no meta-license view, which allows you to look at aggregated data for all licenses

Creating Licenses

Every account has a standard license activated by default. You can edit the settings for this license under the license menu in the main sidebar.
You can add additional licenses in the License menu in the sidebar, just press the “Create” button in the top right corner of the same menu.

Please be aware that each Analytics bundle comes with a set of maximum available Analytics licenses

You can then use the edit button to change the license name or label the customData fields.