Getting started with the Modular Web Player

In Getting started with the Web SDK, you've learned how to set up a basic playback scenario with the Bitmovin Player Web SDK. In this example, the monolith player gets loaded, which is packed with pretty all available features.

In many cases however, you don't need to load everything, because your usecase is limited to a subset of our supported features. This is where the modular player enters the game. With our modular approach (supported since v8.0.0), you can customise the loaded player parts to your liking, which increases performance and page load times due to drastically decreased file size.


Examples & Documentation

We have sample code for setting up a modular player whether you load the player from CDN or via embed it NPM to get you started quickly.

Also make sure to check out our API documentation where you can find names and dependencies between modules.

Some popular use cases would require the following module combinations:

Popular Use case / featuresRequired modules
DASH + fMP4 + DRM + Thumbnails-ABR
- ContainerMP4
- EngineBitmovin
- RendererMSE

- Thumbnail
HLS + MPEG-TS+ AES-128 + Client-side ads- ABR
- ContainerTS
- EngineBitmovin
- RendererMSE

- AdvertisingCore
- AdvertisingBitmovin
- Crypto

Use the table below to get an overview of all available modules and their functionality:

ModuleFunctionalityRequired by default
ABRAdaptation logicYes
Parsing and processing of specific container formatsYes
(for non-progressive on all browsers, except HLS on Safari; depending on container format)
EngineBitmovinAdaptive Streaming capabilities for a wide variety of platformsYes
(for non-progressive on all browsers, except HLS on Safari)
RendererMseVideo rendering for DASH / HLS / Smooth using the browser's Media Source ExtensionsYes
(for non-progressive on all browsers, except HLS on Safari)
Enables Client-side ad insertion (CSAI) with VAST/VMAP.

Only one of AdvertisingBitmovin and AdvertisingIma is required and can be active at the same time.
AdvertisingOmSdk Ad verification with the Open Measurement SDKNo
CryptoSupport for HLS AES-128 or DASH ClearKey streamsNo
DRMSupport for a variety of DRM systems (Widevine, PlayReady, PrimeTime, Fairplay)No
EngineNativeUse native browser capabilities (raw video element) to play back progressive or HLS sources (if supported by browser)No
EngineWebRtcWebRTC playback capabilitiesNo
EnvivioSupport for non-to-spec streams from the Envivio packagerNo
HLSHLS supportNo
LowLatencyLow latency live streaming supportNo
PatchWorkarounds for platform bugs on certain Chromecast devicesNo
PlayStation4Support for PS4 WebMAF appsNo
PlayStation5Enables tweaks for PS5 MediaSDKNo
PolyfillSupport for JavaScript features like (e.g. Promise) on legacy browsersNo
RemoteControlUse the player as remote control for Chromecast or WebSocketsNo
ServiceWorkerClientCommunication support for ServiceWorkersNo
SmoothEnables support for Microsoft Smooth StreamingNo
StyleProvides styling of the playerNo

Subtitle processing for the desired formats. SubtitlesNative is only needed in combination with EngineNative.No
ThumbnailDASH and WebVTT thumbnail supportNo
TizenSupport for Tizen TVs (especially older 2016/2017 models) and DRM related customisationsNo
UILoads the default Bitmovin Player UINo
VRRendering of 360° video contentNo
WebOSDRM related specific handling on WebOS platformsNo
XMLXML file handling (e.g. for DASH or VAST manifests)No