Why does the playback of 360°/VR content with DRM not work?

While it is not a problem to protected your 360/VR content using a DRM solution with our encoding service, you won't be able to play it on any browser unfortunately. The reason for that is how DRM content is processed by the browser.

When DRM content is being played, the decryption and decoding of the content is happening in a secured environment that is accessible to the browser only, and not exposed via Javascript, so no player could grab the decoded frame to perform the proper VR/360 rendering. To play protected VR content, the DRM decoder/renderer itself would need to have the ability to render your 360/VR content properly, which isn't the case at the moment in any common browser. There are already attempts being made to support VR/XR (WebVR) in the browser in a more general way though.

Without DRM it can be handled accordingly by an HTML5 player in the browser as expected, and is supported by the Bitmovin player and its SDK's as well. More information about 360° configuration playback within the Bitmovin Player can be found in here in this tutorial.