What additional error data can be retrieved in Bitmovin Analytics

Apart from the errorCode and errorMessage Bitmovin Analytics provides additional errorData on a per session level.

Using the Top Errors View in the Bitmovin Analytics dashboard, customers can look at associated sessions for each error. The load more button on the bottom extends the number of session per error.

Digging deeper into a specific session leads to the Session Detail View which provides insights into what exactly happened during a viewer session and, in error cases, provides additional errorData. However the data shown in the errorData field, differs across different platforms.


On Android we are able to retrieve the head of the stack trace and display this information in the errorData field.

Error details with stack trace on Android


iOS provides a localized error message which is sent along with the error.

Error Details with localized error message on iOS


Web collectors may set any text or object as errorData.

Error Details with event object on web

Error Details with unavailable data (e.g. old analytics version, unsupported platform, no additional information from the player)

Platform support

PlatformSupported since
Web2.2.0 (1)
Android1.15.0 (1)
iOS1.14.0 (2)

(1) only for bitmovin v8 player
(2) only for AVPlayer