What are Industry Insights?


Industry Insights display the median value for specific metrics across the Bitmovin Analytics customer base as benchmark values for your organization’s goals. Please take into consideration that these values are highly dependent on the specific use-case and other factors such as geography, platform and more. Industry Insights do not adjust with globally selected time-frame(s) or date range(s).

The Metrics

Industry Insights are available for the following metrics:

  • Total Startup Time
  • Video Startup Time
  • Error Percentage
  • Rebuffer Percentage
  • Video Bitrate

For the metrics above, Industry Insights are also available for the following breakdowns:

  • Browser
  • ISP
  • Country


All customers are free to decide whether their data is included in the Industry Insight calculation. We offer a full opt-out. Simply navigate to the Settings tab in the Analytics section and select opt-out. However, customers not contributing their data will not have access to industry insights going forward.

The Industry Insights feature is available for paying customers only.