Test cases


Stream Lab provides a comprehensive solution for testing stream functionality across various environments. Currently, we offer two subsets of tests: one to verify the stream's availability and another to assess its general functionality with the Bitmovin player.

Validation Process

During the validation process, we ensure the stream's structural correctness by validating the configured manifest and DRM license. Additionally, we verify that the Bitmovin player supports the configured assets and that media segments can be loaded successfully.

Test Execution

When your stream undergoes testing in an environment, different test cases are executed depending on whether it is a VOD (Video on Demand) or Live stream.

For VOD streams, we test the following aspects:

  • Playback initiation from the beginning of the asset.
  • Proper functioning of seeking when the stream is paused or played.
  • Correct detection of the stream's end.

For Live streams, we focus on the following validations:

  • Timeshift functionality, ensuring it works while the stream is paused and during playback.
  • Loading, decoding, and playback of all audio and video renditions.

Example test report