Why do I see a maximum of 50 quality switches within an hour in a session?

Bitmovin Analytics will stop collecting data about quality switches once a session has exceeded 50 quality switches within an hour. From then on, the collector will only report video quality changes with every new heartbeat (every 60 seconds)

Why? We're capping the amount of quality switches after 50 per hour to reduce noise within the data. We've seen that this amount of quality switches is enough to judge whether a session had problems in that area. Recording even more switches after that threshold creates sessions that are difficult to read and analyize given the amount of events these switches create.

Via the API only you can retrieve sessions with over 50 quality switches within an hour via the ANALYTICS_QUALITY_CHANGE_THRESHOLD_EXCEEDED error.

Error Code: 10000

Please note, the error is only available via the API and NOT included in the calculation of the error percentage metric.

The error is captured in the web collector from version 2.16.0, in Android from version 1.18.0 and iOS from version 1.16.0