Why does my VR / 360° not work on iOS devices?



To play VR/360° on iOS 13 and later you must use Bitmovin Player version 8.70.0 or later.

Due to restrictions enforced by Apple, the VR/360 content needs to be hosted on the exact same domain as your website. So if your website is served via https://example.com, your content has to be served via the exact same domain, e.g. https://example.com/path/to/your/video/content/.

To be recognized as the same domain, it is required that the protocol (e.g. HTTPS), all subdomains, as well as the port number match exactly. If this is not the case, your iOS device will not show the video but will play the sound. Please note that this restriction applies to VR/360 content only and is caused by the way how CORS is implemented into Safari on iOS.