Supported Platforms & Devices

This list shows all platforms that are currently supported by Stream Lab. If the platform you are using is not on the list, please get in touch with support to inquire about availability.


Test environmentPlayReady supportWidevine support
Chrome on macOS
Chrome on Ubuntu Linux
Chrome on Windows 10
Edge on Windows 10
Firefox on macOS
Firefox on Ubuntu Linux
Firefox on Windows 10
Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10
Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7
Safari on macOs


Test environmentPlayReady supportWidevine support
LG WebOS 2016 low-end
LG WebOS 2017 low-end
LG WebOS 2018 low-end
LG WebOS 2019 low-end
LG WebOS 2020 low-end
LG WebOS 2021 low-end
LG WebOS 2022 low-end
Samsung Tizen 2016 high-end
Samsung Tizen 2016 low-end
Samsung Tizen 2017 low-end
Samsung Tizen 2018 low-end
Samsung Tizen 2019 low-end
Samsung Tizen 2020 low-end
Samsung Tizen 2021 low-end
Samsung Tizen 2022 low-end

Game Consoles

Test environmentPlayReady supportWidevine support
Playstation 5
Microsoft Xbox Series S