Setting up Dependencies

Since Bitmovin's native SDKs are distributed through custom CocoaPods and Maven repositories, the installation cannot be managed by Flutters auto-link feature and requires some extra steps. Please refer to the installation instructions for each platform below. For more information on integrating the native SDKs, you can refer to the Getting Started guides.

Adding the package dependency

The bitmovin_player library is published on To add it to your Flutter app, use flutter pub add bitmovin_player or add it manually to your pubspec.yaml:

  bitmovin_player: ^0.1.0

Do not forget to run flutter pub get afterwards.

Setting up iOS dependencies

Add Bitmovin's CocoaPods repo as a source on top of ios/Podfile:

source ''

If you see any errors during pod install after adding the source from above, try deleting Podfile.lock and do a fresh pod install. At this point, pod install might fail due to the incorrect minimum deployment target being set for the Runner project. Set the deployment target and minimum deployment version to at least iOS 14 in the Runner project to fix this.

platform :ios, '14.0'
source ''

## The rest of your Podfile ##

Setting up Android dependencies

  1. Add Bitmovin's Maven repository to android/build.gradle:

    allprojects {
       repositories {
           maven {
               url ''
  2. Enable Multidex support if needed. Follow this guide to enable it: