Configuring your License

Allowlist your Bundle Identifiers

In order to use the player in your app, you have to allowlist the bundle identifier (iOS) and/or Application ID (Android) of your app(s) into which you are integrating the player. This is a security mechanism and protects your license from being used elsewhere.

Allowlisting can be done in the Dashboard under Player > Licenses.

Set your license key

Your license key can either be set via code or by configuring your apps' Info.plist and AndroidManifest.xml.

Setting the license key via code

// Simply pass the `licenseKey` property to `PlayerConfig` when instantiating a player.

// With hooks
import { usePlayer } from 'bitmovin-player-react-native';
const player = usePlayer({
  licenseKey: '<ENTER-YOUR-LICENSE-KEY>',

// Without hooks
import { Player } from 'bitmovin-player-react-native';
const player = new Player({
  // Make sure to use React.createRef if instantiating inside a component.
  licenseKey: '<ENTER-YOUR-LICENSE-KEY>',

Setting the license key through Info.plist (iOS)

Add the following lines to the <dict> section of your ios/Info.plist file:


Setting the license key through AndroidManifest.xml

Add the following line to the <application> section of your android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml:

<meta-data android:name="BITMOVIN_PLAYER_LICENSE_KEY" android:value="ENTER-YOUR-LICENSE-KEY" />